Category: RNS Program at UVic

Victoria Bioblitz April 22, 2017!

Beacon Hill Park

Organizers chill before the counting begins: Jon Wiersma (CWF), Catherine Keogen (UVic), Elizabeth Gammell, (CWF), Garry Oak, Val Schaefer (UVic), and Britten Jacob-Schram (UVic), in Beacon Hill Park.

Uplands Park and Cattle Point

Margaret Lidkea (Friends of Uplands Park), Octavio Cruz (UVic, in red hat), and friends on the foreshore.

University of Victoria

Jake Muntz (UVic) and friends at the University of Victoria Camas meadow.


Free Restoration Talks this Fall @ UVic

University of Victoria Restoration of Natural Systems Program free Fall 2010 Speaker Series.

Wetland Wonders: The stories of a bog, a freshwater marsh and a saltwater marsh.

October 7, 2010. 7:00 p.m. Thursday.
Rithet’s Bog – Russ Pym, Rithet’s Bog Conservation Society

October 14, 2010. 7:00 p.m. Thursday.
Viaduct Flats – Hoke Holcomb, Horticultural Centre of the Pacific.

October 21, 2010. 7:00 p.m. Thursday.
Witty’s Lagoon – TBA

Contact Val Schaefer at for more information.