Month: April 2009

The ephemeral cherry blossoms of spring

Prunus subhirtella ‘Rosea’ (Higan Cherry), Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC, April 9, 2009) The subtleties of blossom-watching have raised it to an art form and favoured cultural pastime in Japan, where it’s known as hanami. March and April are also time for Cherry Blossom Festivals in Vancouver and Washington, DC . While Victoria doesn’t have [Continue]

Restoration 101

There has been a lot of activity in James Bay and Ogden Point to restore natural habitat and improve ecosystem function. Here are just some of these efforts. Fisherman’s Wharf Shoreline Trail: Part of the revitalization of the downtown waterfront in Victoria involves constructing an attractive trial following the shoreline. In the past, armouring the [Continue]